🎉 CuppaZee Version 3 LIVE!

After nearly three years since the launch of the V2 CuppaZee app, your feedback and suggestions have been valuable in shaping its journey. Numerous enhancements have been made, and we’re thrilled to unveil VERSION 3—the easiest, fastest, and most feature-packed release of CuppaZee yet. Every page of V3 CuppaZee has been reimagined to streamline usability, enhance speed, and provide better defaults for a seamless adventure.

What’s New?
  • Earned Rewards, Referral Points and Daily Activity Streak Reward are now displayed on the Home Page
  • Double Points Days, along with the Zodiac and QRewZee schedules, are displayed on the revamped Calendar page.
  • New Evolutions tool to find your Evolutions and when they can be reset.
  • Lots of Statz brought over from STATzee, allowing you to see your AlternaMyth and Myth captures, the biggest Munzee Clusters, and plenty of graphs.
  • New Bouncers page, combining the existing Nearby Bouncers, Bouncers Overview and Bouncers Map into a much more powerful new page.
  • Easily submit your Munzee Monthly Moments entry, and view other entries, straight from the app.
Smaller Updates
  • We’ve improved the Bouncer Notifications system with improved customisation, allowing you to more easily setup custom distances for specific bouncers, as well as more stable Live Location functionality for alerts near you.
  • Revamped Inventory History to provide more accurate categorisation and grouping of items you’ve earned and purchased.
  • The Evo Planner now shows all of the Evolution types within each category, rather than just a few examples.
  • The Captured Types page now shows an overview of how many you’ve captured in each group.


** Download

This is not an update to the existing app. To access the latest version, please download the new app from your respective app stores:


We’re dedicated to enhancing your CuppaZee experience and grow with our community. Reach out to CuppaZee support at cuppazee.com/contact. Your feedback matters!

With CuppaZee V3, your Munzee adventure has never been more exciting or accessible. Join us as we continue to evolve and innovate, bringing new thrills and challenges to the world of Munzee!