🚨 Bonus Scatter Event! 🚨

We hope you’re seated for this exciting news: we’re kicking off a Bonus Scatter Event starting NOW on certain* Munzees that include a scattering type! For every Munzee you cap that scatters, an extra +1 bonus Scatter will be deployed nearby from Monday, April 15 at 12:00 MHQ until Friday, April 19 at 23:59 MHQ! 

This unique bonus event will impact a number of different munzee types including those listed below! If you want to help spread the love deploy any of the munzees in THIS COLLECTION and once they’re captured they’ll start scattering up a storm!

  • Mech Scatters
  • Elemental Mystery Scatters
  • Reseller Scatters
  • Glass Guardian Scatters
  • Zodiac Scatters


With all of these Scatters up for grabs get ready to shatter scatter records!



*Certain future scattering types will be excluded from this bonus event, but stay tuned for more info soon!