BLAST Off Personal Tag On Sale Now!

One small leap for man, one giant leap for Munz kind!

50 years ago today the Apollo 11 space mission blasted off! Over the next few days history was made and mankind took its first steps on the moon. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing we have a new BLAST Off Personal Tag featuring artwork from our Flat Flyby Friends specials! These limited edition tags will only be available from now until July 24 at 23:59 MHQ.

To celebrate the blast off we also have a special offer! With each BLAST Off Personal Tag purchase you’ll also receive a FREE Blast Capture as well!

Like the Blast From The Past tags, in order to get the FREE Blast Cap you’ll need to add both the “BLAST Off” personal tag and a Blast Capture to your cart. No discount code is needed, but the discount will NOT be automatically added unless both items are in the cart. If you plan on buying more than one BLAST Off tag and want more free Blast Caps you will need add more to your cart for each tag purchase. Please note that this promo is only applicable to the BLAST Off tag.

To learn more about Personal Munzees, click here. All of our current Personal Munzee tags are made with sublimated images on metal to ensure for durability.

We hope you’ve all enjoyed our GR8 8th Birthday month so far! We know it’s been a busy one so we hope you’re keeping busy chasing Magic 8 Balls, Flat Astronauts, and more!