A Big Thank You from Team Munzee

Before we get too far into the month, Team Munzee would like thank our players.

First, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate at MHQ Birthday Bash with us. We had a great time at some amazing events, and it’s all possible because of you. The first ever “Shindig” badge was awarded for an event with over 150 attendees, and it was awarded multiple times. It’s amazing to see how much our community and events have grown. Now we have to push for 200 and more!

Secondly, to all of our players, thank you. Thank you for playing Munzee. Thank you for growing the map and the community by introducing new people to our crazy world. Thank you for helping us make Munzee better every day with your suggestions and ideas. All that we do, we do for you.

We hope you’re enjoying the Birthday Specials so far, and we’ve got a lot of other things planned for the month.

Thanks for making our first five years so memorable. Here’s to many more!

Munzee on!