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February 17, 2016

Player of the Week: Robert Adamson

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. Though we took a break with POTW for a while, we’re back to celebrate our great players! This week’s Player of the Week is Robert Adamson (wakefieldbob).

Who are you?Fire Engine
Hi, I’m Robert Adamson, aka wakefieldbob.

Where in the world do you live?
I live in Wakefield, Yorkshire UK.

How long have you played Munzee?
I signed up for Munzee in October 2012 but didn’t really get into the game until September 2013. My account is 1234 days old!

How did you find Munzee?
I found Munzee completely by accident. I was out in the North Yorkshire Moors looking for something else and noticed a sticker on the back of a sign post that seemed to be unusual. I took a photo and checked it out when I got home and signed up for my account!

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
The best thing about Munzee is getting out and exploring new areas. Also, the social side of the game is pretty great, too. Getting to meet new people and meeting up at events or maybe just bumping into a fellow Munzee player looking at telegraph poles! Lol.Slate Quarry

What is on your wish list?
I would like to see a Munzee that can be deployed at an event by the MHQ Event’s team and to capture it you HAVE to leave a review/log of your attendance before you get your points for it. It would be good that you can look back on previous events and the fun times that you have had and also other players can read about the past event. It could be called a “Guestbook Munzee”.

I would also like a car window sticker to be sold in the store with a locationless Munzee or something similar. It would be even better if it was the static stickers so that it could be transferable to another vehicle.


Tell us about yourself!
I work in a cinema in Wakefield and like to meet up with friends for a beer in Wakefield or Leeds, when I’m not out playing Munzee that is! I got invited to join the Yorkshire Munzee Hunters back in November 2013, and it has been great fun playing with them as a team and having a joke about on our Facebook group. It’s like they are a big Munzee family (sorry for the soppiness). When MHQ announced that they fourth birthday parties were going to be a big thing, I got together with my clan mates and arranged a party. Little did I know that I would later be appointed the “Yorkshire Munzee Hunters Event Planner”, which is good fun. We have had a handful of events around Yorkshire, including the MHQ Bash UK that I helped Louise arrange. Meeting people at the events is just great and it’s what Munzee is about!


Other hobbies include:
I don’t have much time for any other hobbies as most of my free time I like to play Munzee! I do like to get out walking in the countryside and getting out to a pub for a few drinks with friends!

wakefieldbob also included some socials (one of which is on the Header Image), so cap away!

POTW Social Picture

public social picture

February 16, 2016

Flat Robs are on the Map!

Rob tried to sneak out of the office on a “secret trip”. He likes playing Munzee too much, though, and everyone found out he was gone.

To reward you for your sleuthing, Flat Robs will be on the map starting today (February 16th) at 15:00 MHQ time through tomorrow (February 17th) at 23:59 MHQ time. A limited number of Flat Robs will also be in the store while available.

Get out there and capture them while you can!

P.S. – Since Rob’s trip isn’t so secret anymore, we can tell you why he’s out of the office. Rob and TJ went to Florida today to finalize some plans for the new Munzee Marketplace – Cocoa Beach. We’ll have some more info on that soon!

Slack for iOS Upload

February 11, 2016

Munzee Status Page

Though we do everything in our power to keep Munzee running at 100% all of the time, issues do arise. An often requested feature has been the addition of a status page so players can see if there are issues with the Munzee website/API or if it’s an issue on the user’s side. Well Scott has heard these requests, and we’re happy to announce the addition of the Munzee Status Page.

You can follow this link or go to to see the system metrics of Munzee along with incident reports when something does happen. We will also be using this page to post planned maintenance and give real-time updates if an incident does occur. You can subscribe to email/text/RSS etc updates for this page as well.

Part of our theme and mission includes getting back to our roots and communities and communication is key to that. Munzee on!

February 9, 2016

Team Munzee Tuezday: Barb Swinehart

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. Our team continues to grow and we’re excited with the addition of Barbara Swinehart. (You will see some references to Munzee Marketplace – Cocoa Beach. We’ll be introducing that soon.)

preview-full-IMG_20160205_003346Name and Title:

Barbara Swinehart, Manager at the Munzee Marketplace-Cocoa Beach

Where are you from?

I was born in St. Petersburg, Fl and moved to Chicago, IL, where I grew up. My family moved back to St. Pete when I was 15 & I lived on the west coast of Fl until about 17 years ago when I moved to the east coast of Fl.

Tell us about yourself:
I am married to my best friend, Dale, and we do just about everything together. We have owned & operated our own business for over 15 years.

I have 2 beautiful children, Krista & Jon & 2 beautiful grandchildren, Kaelyn & Rylan. I love them all, more than words can say.


Dale and I like to surround ourselves with our friends that we have made over the last 10 years.

How long have you worked for Munzee?
I started working for Munzee on January 18th, 2016.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
I love the people that I have met!

What are some of your other hobbies?
Dale & I love to hike, bike, kayak & take walks, especially if we can Munzee or [cache] along the way. We like to walk on the beach on Sanibel Island, where we were married and look for shells.

Any last words?
Never give up!
Trust your heart. <3

February 8, 2016

Meet Munzee Munday: Dale Swinehart

Here at Munzee we’re constantly encouraging our players to meet and greet and build the personal relationships that make this game so great. Our team continues to grow and we’re excited with the addition of Dale Swinehart. (You will see some references to Munzee Marketplace – Cocoa Beach. We’ll be introducing that soon.)


Munzee Monday pic 5Name and Title:

Dale Swinehart, Manager of the Munzee Marketplace Cocoa Beach

Where are you from?

Born in a small town in Michigan then moved to Rockledge, FL when I was 9 years old. Spent the next 21 years in Rockledge before moving to Merritt Island. We have lived on Merritt Island now for last 18 years.

Tell us about yourself:
I have one son from a previous marriage who is 20 years old and lives in Rockledge still.  I also have two adult step kids ages 29 and 27 who were from Barb’s first marraige. I met Barb in 1998 in an AOL Chat room online. We have been together ever since. She is my soulmate without a doubt. I am very fortunate to have a partner that loves doing what I love doing. We both love Munzee, have worked side by side for many years now and pretty much do everything together.

How long have you worked for Munzee?
I work for Munzee??!!!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
First and foremost I have to say the people that work for Munzee. We met Trish and Rob a few years ago the Texas Challenge. It was a chance meeting that has changed our lives. We were fortunate to be able to spend extended time with team Munzee and they truly are an exceptional group of people. Next I would have to say the players we have interacted with. We have made some really great friends through Munzee.

Munzee Monday pic 3

What are some of your other hobbies?
Things I love but find very little time to enjoy besides Munzee would be kayaking, hiking through the woods, [caching] and playing/coaching soccer (if I tried to play soccer right now,
I probably would have a heart attack).

Any last words?
Yes, be sure to come visit the all new Munzee Marketplace in Cocoa Beach, FL. It will be a one of a kind experience.  Our grand opening is slated for February 29th, 2016 on world famous Cocoa Beach, FL.

Play the game that makes you happy. If you are not having fun then you should find a new game. Life is too short not to be happy.

February 5, 2016

Fitbit Re-Authorization for Munzee

UPDATE: We will be updated the Munzee Fitness data on Monday at 00:01 CST so that all data from January is collected. The If your data hasn’t been collected and you reauthorize your Fitbit before then, the information will be included.


We experienced an issue that we had some Munzee Fitness authorization tokens expire and were deleted from the database automatically. Those of you who noticed you had to reauthorize several times a week were experiencing the issue. (See image below.)








The issue has been addressed and going forward, you (hopefully) shouldn’t have to reauthorize again. If you look at your Fitbit profile settings under Applications, you’ll notice Munzee is still authorized, but we may not have a current token in our database. Reauthorizing gives us a new token we can store. (See image below.)

Edit Profile My Applications






Coincidentally, if you ever want to revoke access for Munzee or any other application, that is the place to do it. Simply click the Revoke button.

If you continue to have issues, please contact Thank you, and Munzee on!

February 3, 2016

Munzee’s Birthday and MHQ Bash 3

Yesterday we posted about Easter and Spring events. We’ve got some pretty big events this year, too, though. Here’s some information regarding Munzee’s 5th Birthday and MHQ Bash 3.

Munzee’s 5th Birthday

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years. We couldn’t have gotten to this point without our amazing players, and we can’t thank you enough. We want to spread the celebration, though, so we’re taking our birthday party on the road! This year, we’ll be celebrating Munzee’s 5th birthday in Denver, Colorado! We’re still finalizing details, but members of Team Munzee will be in Denver from June 30th through July 4th. We’ll be posting more information as the time draws closer, but we’ve got events on the calendar so you can let us know you’ll be there!

MHQ Bash 3

MHQ Bash kicked off an annual tradition of getting involved with our community and players on a face-to-face, personal level. We grew upon that to make MHQ Bash 2 bigger and better. We’re continuing that with MHQ Bash 3 this year! We invite everyone to come hang out with us for a weekend of Munzee fun on October 7th, 8th, and 9th here in McKinney, Texas. Events are already on the calendar, and we’ll be posting full information regarding locations and packages soon.

We’re extremely excited to meet new people and see old friends at these events! We hope to see you there! Munzee on!

February 2, 2016

Gearing Up for Spring Events!

Well Rob, errr, Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning, and an early Spring was predicted! That’s good because the Munzee team is ready to get out to events! Here is a list of some we’re going to!

2/26: Munzee with Team Munzee – February

  • Come hang out with Team Munzee on Friday, February 26th as we go out into the world and play!

2/29: Munzee Marketplace Cocoa Beach Grand Opening

  • Rob is going to be in Florida for Leap Year Day and the grand opening of the Munzee Marketplace Cocoa Beach!

3/4-5: Munzee Madness 5

3/19: Beyond the Pale

  • Matt is going to Vancouver (assuming freak tornadoes don’t keep him grounded again) to help kick off Easter events at the Beyond the Pale event. “Leprechaun wearing a cowboy hat”, huh? He may be able to work something out there.

That’s what we have scheduled so far, but we don’t want to stop there! If you’ve got an event planned already and want someone from MHQ there, let us know by emailing! We want to get out and grow the community as much as we can. If you haven’t planned an event yet, there’s still time! You can check out our blog post about Easter events and get in touch with the Event Queen, Louise, to get them on the calendar!

We can’t wait to see you at events! Munzee on!