Player of the Week: Daniel Ferland (XeresDan)

As Munzee has grown over the years, the game has evolved in so many more ways than any of the co-founders could have imagined. We’ve certainly had our fair share of growing pains, but in its essence Munzee has tried to stick to its core goal of getting people out into the world. No one knows this better than those players who have been with us since the beginning. This week’s Player of the Week is Daniel Ferland (XeresDan).

Who are you?
Daniel Ferland, also known as XeresDan for 20 years.

Where in the world do you live?
I live in Levis, south shore of Quebec City, in the province of Quebec in Canada.

How long have you played Munzee?
Yesterday was my 2222nd day (now 2,248 days), so I began in September 2011.

How did you find Munzee?
In some forums. I was really curious, and I immediately liked the description.

What do you most enjoy about Munzee?
1. The communication with MHQ. The best communication with players. They are really open to suggestions, so the game just grows.

2. The clans. Every month, I push myself outside to fulfill my part as 9 others are counting on me. With my own company and projects ahead, it’s always a great challenge.

What is on your wish list?
Travel some day to capture and deploy worldwide.

Tell us about yourself!
I work in the movie industry as a unit manager and a location manager. I work with people coming in from around the world to shoot movies and travel shows in my region. I work hard on a project to bring more movies here, a regional film and television commission. It should open in 2018, and yes, it will have a munzee at the front door!

Other hobbies include:
Watching movies, making movies, posting about movies…

Any last words?
Please come visit my region. I will be your personal tourism guide.

It really is an honor for me to be POTW! Thanks to my nominators!

XeresDan has also included a social, so cap away!