Munzvember Donation Update!


On 12/3/2013, Munzee will donate $15,000 to the V Foundation in honor of the 13,712 Munzvember pins purchased by our players worldwide. Originally, we promised that all profits would be donated directly to the foundation (after business costs, Paypal fees). However, with the amazing efforts and sales we’ve received from Cyber Munzday, we’re covering the business expenses and pushing all sales directly to the V Foundation!

We’re so touched by the amazing charity of all our players, and we’re happy we’ve chosen a foundation that resonates deeply with the Munzee community. We’d like to share two small stories out of many from our player community:

From player WE4NCS:

I am so very proud to see that the Munzvember proceeds from Munzee are going to the Jimmy V Foundation. Jim Valvano was a successful basketball coach at my alma mater NC State University here in Raleigh. My username is an FCC amateur radio callsign but it means We are 4 NC State.

I’ll be deploying some real Munzee near the JimmyV HQ to commemorate the munzee contribution.

I knew Jim in a passing way in that he was always around town as well as his wife Pam. His 1983 NCAA National Basketball Championship was remarkable for many reasons if you know the story. He was such a motivator and had gregarious outgoing personality. His next career at ESPN was where he furthered his legend and his 1993 ESPY speech immortalized him. He passed away just two months after making this speech.

I went to his burial here in Raleigh and wake they held on campus at NC State. I have visited grave several times since. There is no better way to contribute these proceeds than to the JimmyV Foundation.

WE4NCS deployed this Munzee in the parking lot of the V Foundation:

And here’s an awesome short note from Paul:

I was delighted to learn about the awesome contribution to the JimmyV Foundation. This organization is special to me for several reasons.

Everybody in our community knew this inspiring individual who lived and worked among us. He and my late wife were fighting their battles with cancer at the same time. I’ll always be thankful for what a great encouragement his interviews and articles were to her (and to me).

The JimmyV headquarters in Cary, NC is just a mile from my real estate office. It’s marked with a very modest sign, but each time I drive down that street, I salute it out of appreciation for the men and women who continue in his Spirit, today. Thank you, Munzee staff, for supporting the V Foundation in this important way.

Best regards,
Paul (PFF)

We think this small sample of kind words resonates as the voice of our amazing Munzee community. Β And again, thank you so much for your support of Munzvember!