Undeployed Munzees – An Update for our players

We’ve listened to feedback from many of our premium members regarding the new Undeployed cap rules announced earlier this month.  As a mobile game company, we want our players to enjoy all aspects of the game, including Munzee deployment!  Without you, how would we grow the map?

The decision has been made to create a new cap limit on Undeployed Munzee for our Premium members.  Premium members can now hold up to 250 Undeployed in their Undeployed List.  Since our players are supporting us with their Premium memberships, it’s fair to provide Premium members a larger library of Undeployed Munzee.

Our basic player accounts are limited to 100 Undeployed Munzee.  For basic accounts and premium members that require a larger amount of Munzee, check out the Munzee store online for our Generic 1″ Munzee stickers.  Generic Munzee codes aren’t linked to your player account, so you don’t have to worry about your Undeployed List.  Our Generic stickers are the most convenient method to deploy large quantities of Munzee when necessary.

As we grow, it’s important to continually hear constructive feedback from our player community, and we appreciate the feedback we’ve received so far!  If you’ve got suggestions for us, feel free to contact us directly!