Introducing the Treasure Evolution Munzee!

Our resellers are great at promoting and being ambassadors for Munzee and its community. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with them to bring new ideas and game pieces, like the Reseller Unique Munzees (RUMs), to the game. Now, we’re happy to introduce a new item for our resellers: the Treasure Evolution Munzee!

The Treasure Evolution Munzee, like other Evolution Munzees, consists of three stages: Coin, Bag of Coins, and Treasure Chest.

The points for the Treasure Evolution Munzee are as follows:

Deploy: 20 Points


  • Coin: 10 Points
  • Bag of Coins: 15 Points
  • Treasure Chest: 20 Points


  • Coin: 5 Points
  • Bag of Coins: 10 Points
  • Treasure Chest: 15 Points

The Treasure Evolution Munzee will affect the Evolution badge lines, and will be visible in the physical Evolution filter in the app.

Treasure Evolution Munzees will be available from Authorized Resellers TODAY at 16:00 MHQ time.

We hope you enjoy the Treasure Evolution Munzee!

Munzee on!