Remember the Alamo! New specials live on the map.

alamoIn celebration of Texas Independence Day (March 2, 1836) we have released new specials to the map. These new pins commemorate the Battle of the Alamo where Texans fended off Mexican attacks from taking the Alamo, a Mexican mission, for 13 days before falling to Santa Anna’s forces. This battle became an inspirational moment in the battle for Texas Independence and to this day the Alamo still plays a huge part in Texas history.

254 Alamo pins will be across the map worldwide, bouncing to a new location every 6 hours. There is a 36 point split between owner and capper, with each getting a minimum of 5 points. The pins will stay on the map for 13 days, from March 2 until March 15. By capping an Alamo pin you will also get a Come an Cap It badge as well. You can see the new specials at