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September 12, 2018

Scatter Munzees Point Update!

We’re excited to announce a point increase on Scatter Munzees, which will go into effect at 00:01 MHQ on September 13!

The new point structures are as follows:

Scatter Munzee Points:

  • Deploy- 45 points
  • Capture- 45 points
  • CapOn- 40 points

Scattered Munzee Points:

  • Capture- 60 points
  • CapOn- 20 points

Need to stock up on Scatters? Now’s the time! Scatter Munzee credits are now on sale for $1 each in the Freeze Tag Online Store. You can also purchase discounted Generic Munzees as well in case you have some credits you need to deploy! 50 packs of Generic Munzees are now on sale for $4.50.

$1 Scatter Munzee Credits (originally $2) HERE: 

$4.50 50 ct Generic Munzees (originally $6) HERE:

Alongside the point update players will be able to capture Scattered Munzees on their own munzees as well! The radius of scatter has also been reduced to 2500 feet.

Additional scattered munzee types will also receive an upgrade on capture points at 00:01 MHQ on September 13th. Those are as follows:

Capture- 20 points

Golden Feather:
Capture- 50 points

ZeeOps Dossier:
Capture: 50 points or 25 points with a mini ZeeOps mission.

Clan Wars Boulder:
Capture- 40 points

Thank you all for your support! We hope these point updates give you even more reason to chase after scatters. You never know where they may take you. Munzee on!

May 4, 2016

The Scatter Munzee Has Arrived!

It’s been teased and tested for the past few months, but now, it’s ready for release. We’re happy to introduce the Scatter Munzee to our lineup!

ScatterMunzee (1)

The Scatter Munzee is a credit that can be applied to greenies. When captured, it scatters 4 Scattered Munzee icons (seen below) onto greenies within a one mile radius.

ScatteredMunzee (1)

These special icons will remain for 2 hours or until captured. These Scattered Munzees are available for anyone to capture, so you have to be quick!

The points for the Scatter and Scattered Munzees are as follows:


  • Deploy: 20
  • Capture: 35
  • CapOn: 20


  • Capture: 15
  • CapOn: 10

The Scatter Munzee will be available in the Munzee Store starting today, May 4th at 13:00 MHQ time. From release through 13:00 MHQ time on Wednesday, May 11th, they will be available for $2.50. From that time on, they will be returned to their standard price of $3.00.

We’re very excited about the release of the Scatter Munzee, and we hope you are, too! Munzee on!