Social Munzee Explosion!

As you may have noticed, there has been a recent explosion in the sharing and trading of Social Munzee! The release of 8 new badges, dealing specifically with this “Social Tsunami” – have created quite a stir within the Munzee community. In an effort to earn the new badges, players have taken to different social media outlets in order to get their socials out there, and to find others to capture. On Facebook alone, the number of groups for sharing Social Munzee has doubled in less than a week!  Here are some of the top groups recommended by our Players of the Week and some of our “Social Butterflies”:

The Social Munzee Sharing Group has had an influx of more than 250 members since the release of the social badges. The groups’ membership, now at nearly 900 players, is at an all-time record number. Members can share any and all types of Social Munzees within this group.

In addition, new niche groups dedicated to certain types of social munzees have been created as well as community pages:• Puzzle Munzee Group – is a group dedicated to Social Munzees which can be scanned only after the completion of a puzzle. Members need only have a puzzle social, or like to solve puzzles in order to join.

Social Munzees – For Trade Only – You’ve seen a number of Social Munzees that do not have a QR Code on them! These are typically “for Trade Only” Socials. Players with ‘Trade Only’ Social Munzee are invited to join this group.

While Social Munzee have no points attached to them, there are bragging rights for those with the highest number of captured socials, as well as socials with the highest number of captures. Now, the race is on to see who will be the first to win “Social Princess” and “Social Prince”!!!

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Get it? It’s a crown… 🙂