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September 17, 2014

Introducing the Official Munzee Virtual Garden!


Inspired by the beautiful virtual gardens our players have grown across the map, Team Munzee is proud to announce the first official Munzee Virtual Garden! Located approximately 5 miles from MHQ, we hope for this to be a highlight when players visit us in McKinney, Texas. Like all of the other gardens out there we want our players to be a part of this monument, so Munzee is offering a very limited amount of pins in the store until supplies last.

For $10 you can be a part of this virtual garden, which will spell the word “Munzee” on the map. No work is necessary on your part to deploy this virtual pin, it will be assigned coordinates and deployed at time of purchase. You may edit the name and notes if you choose. LIMITED TO ONE PER PLAYER ACCOUNT.

When you purchase the Munzee Virtual Pin you get:

  • Limited Edition badge, only available to those who purchase a pin.
  • Points: 10 to owner on deploy. 10 to owner as residual on each cap. 10 to capper.
  • A limited edition pin permanently deployed automatically by Munzee on your account.

These pins will be very popular especially with the Garden’s proximity to MHQ and the upcoming Oktoberfest, so what if they all sell out? No worries, Munzee has plans for additional official gardens to be deployed all over the world in the coming months. More details soon. Team Munzee was so impressed with the unofficial virtual gardens built by players that we simply wanted one of our own. Unofficial gardens are greatly appreciated and will continue to be an integral part of the overall game. This is intended as a nod to the creativity of our players in an official manner.

Oh and before we forget, this garden will also serve as the introduction of a new shimmering pin you’ll only find somewhere over the rainbow. Remember, you’re not in Kansas anymore…


September 20, 2013


The Munzee Oktoberfest celebration is underway!  It ends October 6.  Get out there and capture those icons!

September 19, 2013

Oktoberfest! Wunderbar!

September 21 at midnight CEST ( GMT +2 ) Munzee kicks off the Oktoberfest celebration!  This launch coincides with the Oktoberfest event which originates in Munich but is celebrated across the globe.  Munzee will celebrate from September 21st through October 6th.  We will place 3 different icons on the Munzee map which will “bounce” all over the world.  This bouncing will work the same as our birthday cake celebration with a shorter time limit per icon.

Brezel Pretzel_128px  Bierkrug DarkBeer_128pxLederhosen Lederhosen_128px

How to capture one of the Oktoberfest icons:  1) wait for one to land near you. 2) Check to see the amount of remaining time. 3) Gauge the distance and time related to your location.  4) Apply maximum speed allowed in order to get the capture.     ♥Munzee

And now the actual rules. Oktoberfest icons will land on REGULAR Munzees across the entire world. The first person to capture the Munzee before the 6 hour time limit expires will be awarded the icon and related points. Previously captured Munzees become active again when a special icon is attached. You may NOT capture a special icon on a Munzee you own. Premium members have a “Specials” filter for use in the app. If an icon is not captured within the 6 hour window it will jump to a new location somewhere else in the world.  There will be 333 of each icon active at any given time. This is a total of 999 icons circulating around the world. This increases the likelihood of players receiving a capture and earning more than one icon. Attempting to capture one of each icon is a great goal *hint, hint*  Sind Sie bereit, Oktoberfest feiern?  Dieses Video wird Ihnen im Geiste zu bekommen!Oktoberfestflyer