Special Piñata munzees go live TOMORROW!

The soccer balls have faded from the field and our Copa Do Munzo special has come to an end. But what would Birthday month be without a few more surprises? Continuing our #FiestaThree celebration, we are happy to announce that tomorrow our special piñata munzees will take over the maps. What better way to celebrate Munzee’s third birthday than to hit a papier-mâché donkey until it gives you candy?

PinataBadge_720At 10:00 AM (MHQ) on Tuesday July 15th 3,333 piñata special captures will randomly attach to physical greenies that have already been deployed internationally. Be warned though, these specials will not bounce. We want to make it a bit tougher on our players this time around, so you will really have to get out and about to find these piñatas. Just like in real life, munzee piñatas are about getting as many different kinds of candy as quickly as possible. When you spot a piñata and scan it you will randomly receive one of three types of candy and a corresponding special icon:

  • The peppermint, which is worth 15 points split between owner and capper.
  • The licorice drop which is worth 25 points split between owner and capper.
  • The lollipop which is worth 33 points split between owner and capper. Candy

There are limited quantities of each candy, so some will be harder to get than others. Each piñata will remain in place for three scans and with each scan or “WHACK!” the piñata’s image will degrade so you can see how many caps are still available on the munzee. Individual players will only be able to scan each piñata once though, so no triple caps on one piñata. The piñatas will stay on the map through the end of the month and special Fiesta Third Piñata badge is also awarded by simply capturing one of the specials.


3,333 may not seem like a lot for a game of 165,000 players, especially considering the piñatas will not bounce. Keep your eyes open on the third days of the month though, President Rob might be feeling a bit generous. While you’re waiting to get to the piñata nearest you, you should also stop by the store tomorrow for a new sale item. You might be in for a shining surprise. What exactly is the sale? Well what fun is a surprise party if you know what’s coming?

Make sure to go to Munzee events whenever you get a chance, because you never know what you’ll find out. Check out President Rob leaking some piñata info to the attendees of the Butte Event a few weeks ago.