Munzee Sponsorship of Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015, Skylar Conover

Team Munzee is always looking for new ways to help the community and raise awareness for causes that hit close to home. In that spirit, we’ve agreed to sponsor Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015, Skylar Conover, as she continues on her journey to help others and bring home the title of Ms. Wheelchair USA 2015.

Name and Title:
Skylar Conover, Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015

Where are you from?
Allen, Texas

Tell us about yourself:
Skylar Conover, from Allen, Texas, was crowned Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015 in February by impressing the judges with her outstanding advocacy for the disability community and her positive attitude in life. At the age of 15, she was diagnosed with Facioscapulohumera/Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. She went from a stellar athlete in many areas ranging from cheerleading and any sport that involved a ball to a wheelchair that she refused to let define her life.

Skylar graduated with honors at the University of North Texas, double majoring in Rehabilitation Studies and Substance Abuse and Addictions. She also holds an Associates of Arts in Sign Language. She is continuing her education there to receive her Masters os Science in Rehabilitation Counseling in order to pursue her dream of helping others with disabilities adjust to life and accepting themselves. She continues to be involved in many adaptive sports such as water skiing, hockey, rugby, soccer, etc. Her passion is to educate those around her to empower those that are different.

Ms. Wheelchair USA’s mission is to promote glamour, self-confidence, and community service while celebrating the achievements of women with disabilities. This pageant is unique in a way that beauty is judged from within the contestants and how they perceive themselves as well as their public speaking and the platform they promote. Skylar will travel to Ohio in July to compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair USA. Munzee and United Access are honored to be her sponsors. Her platform is education among communities regarding visible and invisible disabilities to develop acceptance. Skylar’s motto has always been “Alter Attitudes to Conquer Change.”
Ms. Wheelchair USA program is proud to have Skylar Conover as Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015.

What is Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy?
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is a genetic muscle disorder in which the muscles of the face, shoulder blades and upper arms are among the most affected. FSHD is widely stated to be the third most common genetic disease. Symptoms may develop in early childhood and are usually noticeable in the teenage years with 95% of affected individuals manifesting disease by age 20 years. A progressive skeletal muscle weakness usually develops in other areas of the body as well; often the weakness is asymmetrical. Life expectancy is normal, but up to 20% of affected individuals become severely disabled and eventually must use a wheelchair.

I am currently one of ten FSH Society Ambassadors. FSH Society is an organization that raises funds that directly goes to Raising Awareness, Research/Treatment for FSHD. As an FSH Society Ambassador it is my job to continue to spread awareness, talk to social media and educate others about FSHD.

How did you get involved with Ms. Wheelchair USA?
I have always been an advocate for people with disabilities and I was looking for ways to further educate my community about visible and invisible disabilities to develop acceptance and understanding that people with disabilities are just like everyone else. We may do things a little different but still can be productive citizens. Ms. Wheelchair USA is an organization that allowed me to get my foot into doors to branch out further in advocating as well as show the world that women with disabilities are just as beautiful as able bodied women.

How does Ms. Wheelchair USA stand out from other organizations?
This organization empowers women with disabilities to be involved with community service, public speaking, and promotes self confidence. The pageant world boasts more than 3,800 pageant competitions when there is only 2 organizations for women with disabilities in the pageant world. In this organization the requirements are that contestant must be women ages 18 and older, should utilize a wheelchair or other mobility devices as their main source of mobility, however does not exclude women who may be able to utilize their legs, must be a resident or student in their states for two months, and can be married, single, or divorced.

How did you get involved with Munzee?
I have known Rob (Munzee President) for 8 years and he has watched my disease progress and seen me grow into the young woman I am today. Once crowned Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA in late February I was looking for sponsors. Rob and I met to talk about the opportunity and Munzee chose to fully back my platform to “Alter Attitudes to Conquer Change.” Rob saw how it fit perfectly with the Munzee 2015 theme of “New Perspective”. Excitement spread all over the Munzee Marketplace and I started playing the game. Quickly I found out that it was difficult for a wheelchair user to fully take advantage of the game. I wasn’t able to play 100% due to not being able to access all Munzees. That’s where the idea for the accessibility Munzee started! This is an opportunity for players worldwide to look at the game from a New Perspective!

Where can we see our donation go towards?
Your donations will be going to the FSH Society that directly affects Skylar Conover, Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA, to help spread awareness and reacher/treatment for a cure. It will also go to Ms. Wheelchair USA/The Dane Foundation in supporting women nation wide with disabilities so education and advocacy can continue growing.

We’re very proud to be supporting Skylar on this journey, and we wish her the best of luck!