Introducing New Accessibility Munzees and Crown Garden

Munzee is a community that spans continents and cultures, and we try to make our game available to as many people as possible. With that being said, we’re proud to introduce that along with our sponsorship of Ms. Wheelchair Texas USA 2015, Skylar Conover, in her pursuit of the Ms. Wheelchair USA 2015 title, we are introducing a new type of Munzee — the Accessibility Munzee.


The Accessibility Munzee will be marked on the map with the above marker. It is a credit item and can applied to ANY greenie, including those deployed in the past. Players will be given unlimited credits for conversion, and they will be a FREE Munzee type. Points are exactly the same as greenies. Capturing an Accessibility Munzee will award a special capture and icon.

Preferred Deployment Limitations
We want to allow players to enjoy this new Munzee without having to strictly monitor and police them ourselves. That being said, these Munzees need to be deployed with people with limited mobility in mind. That means:

  • Not under an object
  • Not down a trail in the bushes or trees
  • Not above/below a reasonable height (2 – 5 feet, or .5 – 1.5 meters)

Please use common sense and have respect for those with accessibility needs.

If you find an Accessibility Munzee that violates the preferred deployment limitations, please report them via journal entry in app as “Needs Repair” then send Munzee URL to

Crown Garden
In addition to the Accessibility Munzees, we have launched a Crown virtual garden above the Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA (at site of where Skylar’s final competition will be taking place. These Munzees will be $10, and there will be a very limited amount with 100% of funds going to sponsor Skylar’s campaign and selected charity. These Munzees will award a special capture and icon. Purchasers will earn a “Supporter Badge”.

Point Structure:

  • Capture Points: 20
  • Deploy Points: 100
  • Cap on Points: 10

A Virtual Deployment Exclusion Zone (Ring of Fire) will be enforced for ~1/2 mile around the crown to protect the integrity of the design.

These can be purchased at