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November 4, 2021

Tongue Tied Specials To Touch Up Your Utterances — Say That 10 Times Fast!

Last month, we asked about some of your favorite tongue twisters to draw inspiration from to help us celebrate the upcoming International Tongue Twister Day! We chose to feature tongue twisters that we thought would translate well into Munzee pins! Starting at 12:00 MHQ on November 4th, Tongue Tied specials will bounce around the map until 23:59 MHQ on November 30th.

Tongue Tied Specials

These muddled muscles will be released in waves, but will end at a total of 400 Mega Mouthfuls and 400 Tongue Twisters. They will bounce around on the map every 4 hours or when captured. You can find Tongue Tied specials at the following munzees near you:

  • Mega Mouthful:
  • Tongue Twister:
    • Virtual Colors
    • Places:
      • Library
      • University
      • Historical
      • Museum
      • Airport
    • Virtual RUMs

Both will be worth 150 points for the Capture and 50 points for the CapOn, so you don’t want to miss out! Mega Mouthfuls will be attracted to Physical Magnets, while Tongue Twisters will be attracted to Virtual Magnets. To access these specials, please turn on your “All Expiring Specials” and “All Limited Edition Specials” filters.

When you capture a Tongue Tied special, up to three virtual munzees will scatter nearby, like Feathers. These scatters are based on a variety of different tongue twisting phrases from around the world. These munzees will stay on the map for 4 hours or when captured, and will be worth 50 points as well.

At launch you can expect to see the following:

  • Scatters from Mega Mouthfuls:
    • Woodchuck Wood
    • Baby Bubbles
  • Scatters from Tongue Twisters
    • She Shells
    • Fresh Fish

More scatters will appear as the month goes on, so make sure to keep an eye out!


There will be six badges to earn for these specials. Five are based on the total number of Tongue Tied specials you capture, but just how many captures it takes to earn all 5 badges will be kept a secret! The remaining badge is based on capturing each of the different Tongue Tied scatters as they appear in the wild. You can see the first badge below:

Alphabet Soup- Capture 1 Tongue Tied special of any type.

We hope these specials aren’t too tough to say — or capture!

Munzee on!

January 20, 2020

Announcing the Grand Opening of Our In-App Store!

Have you ever gone to a Munzee event and realized you didn’t have enough blasts? Have you ever been out in the field for Clan Wars, desperately trying to get enough points to meet level requirements without specific credits? Well, the latest  update to the Munzee app will address all of these issues and more!

Please note that you can only get access to the new In-App Store by updating your app in the Apple App or Google Play Stores. This is not an Over-The-Air (OTA) Update, it may take longer for the update to be available. If you don’t see it in the app stores yet, check back later!

NEW In-App Store

Why have an In-App store? Convenience for you! Now you can purchase select Munzee products at your convenience, just by navigating to the In-App Store! No more booting up your computer every time you want to buy something, or dealing with the less friendly mobile version of The In-App Store is linked  to your Apple or Google Play accounts for an even easier purchasing experience! 

You can access the new in-app store from a number of different areas in the app including the top of the map screen, the side menu, and when using certain items. For example if you go to activate a Magnet and you’re all out of stock, you can purchase one right then and there!

For the introduction of an in-app store we decided to keep things simple by paring down the offerings. You’ll see the basics of Munzee gameplay pieces in stock, with a few new products sprinkled in as well. 

NEW In-App Currency

The new In-App Store also comes with a new in-app currency. Zeds can be used to purchase in-game items, like Blast Captures, Magnets, Boosters and more! You can purchase Zeds in the In-App Store in a variety of different bundles, and you’ll also get some Zeds with your (one-time) Virtual StarterPak purchase. Starting tomorrow, you’ll also now be able to earn Zeds from Prize Wheels, and Pimedus captures as well!


NEW Products!

What are these “new products”? The first for your consideration is the Virtual StarterPak! Like the Physical StarterPak, this Virtual StarterPak will contain a good variety of virtual munzees at a discount, perfect for introducing any new players to the virtual game. Existing players can also purchase this pack! It is available for a one-time purchase per player. 

Next on the list are the 2 new Blast Capture types — the MEGA and Mini Blast! These additional blast sizes will allow you greater control over how many munzees you capture. The MEGA Blast can capture up to 500 virtual munzees within a 1-mile radius, while the Mini Blast can capture up to 50 virtual munzees within a 1-mile radius. These new types are currently only available through the In-App Store though, so be sure to check it out! 

Lastly, we bring you a few not-totally-new things, but things that were previously unavailable for purchase: Physical Capture Boosters and Virtual Deploy Boosters, both of which will be available in Special Packs as you’ll see in the list below.

Now, we’ll leave you to peruse the list of products! Is there anything else you’d like to see in the store?

In-App Store Offerings

SPECIAL PACKS, which consist of the following:

Virtual StarterPak

  • 1 Physical Magnet
  • 1 Virtual Magnet
  • 1 Virtual Munzee
  • 1 Virtual Color Credit
  • 1 Mini Blast Capture
  • 150 Zeds

Capture Pack

  • 1 Physical Capture Booster
  • 5 Physical Magnets

Deploy Pack

  • 1 Virtual Deploy Booster
  • 5 Temporary Virtuals

Blast Pack

  • 1 MEGA Blast
  • 1 Regular Blast
  • 1 Mini Blast

Color Pack

  • 5 Virtuals
  • 5 Color Credits

, which consist of the following:

  • Virtual Munzee
  • Temp Virtual Munzee
  • Color Credit

MAGNETS, which consist of the following:

  • Physical Magnet
  • Virtual Magnet

BLASTS, which consist of the following:

  • MEGA Blast
  • Blast
  • Mini Blast

ZED PACKS, which consist of the following:

  • Zed Pack – 110 Zeds
  • Zed Fiztful – 585 Zeds
  • Zed RollZ – 1,190 Zeds
  • Zed LootZ – 2,425 Zeds
  • Zed TreaZure – 6,280 Zeds
  • Zed PiggZee Bank – 12,780 Zeds

Link to the online store

If you prefer what we have to offer in the Freeze Tag Store, there is a handy link at the bottom that will take you there! The purchases you make online will still accumulate PinPoints, while these In-App purchases will not. We will continue to add new items to both the online and In-App stores.