Grow the Game!

Dearest Munzee community,

I hope this blog post finds you well, in your respective corners of the world. Team Munzee knows that this game is driven forward by the community. You grow the map, grow the game, and care for one another deeply. We share the responsibility in growing the game worldwide, so we are excited to formally announce a partnership. This partnership will spread the name of Munzee and grow the player base worldwide. We would like to introduce you to Freeze Tag, a leading creator of social mobile games.

Our partnership with Freeze Tag will utilize a portion of our Munzee locations as a base map for AR games being built by Freeze Tag. These AR games will be built in the same genre as Pokemon Go, resulting in additional players visiting our locations and learning about Munzee. We will lend our geolocation gaming expertise in the projects to help create the best games available! We see this as a very positive step in spreading the word about Munzee and hope you will take a moment to visit our partner’s websites and check out their current apps. There is no information on launch dates available at this time for future partnership projects.

Please see the press release for more information! Stay tuned for exciting things in the future!


Rob Vardeman – President Munzee Inc.

Munzee On!