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December 18, 2013

Have you earned the 12 Days of Christmas Badge?




We’re a few days into the Munzee Twelve Days of Christmas, and we’ve already got a handful of players earning the “12 Days” badge!

Congrats, ReMiKu. You were one of the first players to earn the badge!

Remember folks, you only need to capture 6 of our Christmas specials to earn the badge!

As more icons roll out, all players should notice an increase in icon “hops” -this should improve everyone’s chances of getting out there and cappin’ a special.  So happy hunting, have fun, and share the world of Munzee with friends and family this Holiday season!

Update:  We also plan to release some additional badges today.  Be sure to check your Achievements to see what surprise you’ve earned!

I wonder what this badge could be?

I wonder what this badge could be?

December 3, 2013

Announcement: December Clan Wars Special!

A last minute update regarding the December Clan war!

Tis’ the season for Peace and Joy!  We’re “dropping our weapons” this month, and spreading holiday cheer!

Here are the new levels for the month of December:

 Milk  —  10 clan members with 100+ points each
xmas-final-comp (3)
 Cookies   —  10 clan members with 500+ points each
xmas-final-comp (4)
   Presents   —  10 clan members with 1000+ points each
xmas-final-comp (2)
   The Santa  — Well, if you believe in the magic of Christmas and the Holidays, then you know how to reach The Santa! For Munzee, you need 10 clan members with 2500+ points each AND a capture on a virtual, diamond, and a mystery virtual.

Milk, Cookies, Presents, and The Santa Rewards are all still the same (maces and longswords), we’d just like to promote peace on earth and goodwill to our fellow clan members this season!  Who knows, maybe Santa has something special lined up once you find him?!?!