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September 5, 2013

Why Clan Weapons?

This month we wanted to give everyone a new reason to play!  It’s not all about trying to make it into the Top 3 – sometimes it’s about working together with your friends from around the globe.  That is the design for the clan weapon layout.  The clan weapons will not level the playing field during this battle.  Can we expand this plan in the future?  Yes.  Will we?  Stay tuned!  🙂

Specifically we’ve chosen “weapons” due to the fact that these are called clan “battles” or “wars”.  We hope it gives you a fun new reason to get out and Munzee, with the possibility of earning a limited release Munzee type.

August 26, 2013

Paint the town Green!


Munzee gear is now available in the store!  All clothing is available in limited quantity for our first shipment.  If your size is sold out, use the like button at the bottom to let us know it is something we need to reorder.  International shipping is costly, but we are looking for options to reduce this cost in the future.  International shipments will receive a few extra items to help that cost (because Team Munzee loves our international community!).

For a limited time, PREMIUM members receive 10% off your total with ANY clothing item purchase!

August 22, 2013

6 days of bacon

6 days of bacon!

Begins August 25th, 2013 at 9PM CST   —   Ends August 31st, 2013 at 11:59PM CST  Find your time zone here

  • Bacon special logo will be randomly added to regular Munzees deployed all around the globe
  • Each bacon will be available for capture by 3 DIFFERENT players (new feature)
  • The bacon logo will show how many pieces of bacon remain to be captured (3 strips = 3 captures, 2 strips = 2 caps, 1 strip = 1 cap)
  • If you are First to capture the bacon you receive 20 points, second receives 15 points, third receives 10 points
  • Each capture will earn the 1 strip bacon logo
  • Players may return to any previously captured Munzee which shows a bacon logo
  • Players may not capture their own Munzee

Bacon3-128  FTC with this logo receives 20 points


Bacon2-128  This logo capture will receive 15 points


Bacon-128  This logo capture will receive 10 points


Walk off your Bacon Day!

For the final day of Munzee’s 6 days of Bacon contest we are giving you prizes!  All day long (CDT) August 31 we will randomly award virtual and diamond Munzees.  All prizes are instant win, will pop up on your phone, and be added to your account!  We hope you will get out there and walk off all that bacon you capture in the 6 days of bacon contest!

With much love,   Team Munzee

*No animals were harmed in the creation of Munzee bacon*  😉

August 7, 2013

Winners announced in FB contest for reaching 8000 likes

Almost 200 likes were added to the Munzee Facebook page over the last 3 days in order to award one lucky user 50 diamonds and 50 mystery stickers.  Two other lucky users were awarded smaller batches of diamond Munzees.  The diamond Munzee is available in 5 packs with a limited quantity available.  Deploying a diamond Munzee gives the owner 60 points, the highest deployment amount for any Munzee, and shares points with each capture.  For details about the diamond Munzee visit

Congratulations to our three winners.  Stay tuned for additional contests in the future.

July 7, 2013

Birthday week is ending

Munzee’s second birthday was a great celebration! We hope you enjoyed the first week of July as we shared our gifts with you. Remember the birthday cakes will continue to bounce all over the world for the entire month. Will there be other celebrations before the month ends??? Let us know what you think!

June 27, 2013

Birthday Party

Did you know July 1, 2013 is Munzee’s 2nd birthday? Well it is!  We are so excited we want to share this special day with you. We will release our 2nd annual “bouncing” cakes. This year the logo is a cupcake. The cupcake will move from Munzee to Munzee all over the world being captured and bouncing on to the next throughout the month. The specific details of the cupcake are:

  • will appear on deployed regular Munzees (no mystery, virtual, diamond, premium, maintenance)
  • will stay in a location a maximum of 12 hours *if not captured in 12 hours it will move on*  nobody likes stale cake!  😉
  • the first player to capture will receive 100 points
  • after capture the cake will “bounce” to another location around the world
  • owner of Munzee where cake lands will receive 10 points when captured
  • 100 cakes will be released worldwide and stay in circulation for the entire month of July – Central Daylight Time (GMT -5)
  • players are not able to capture a cake on their own Munzee
  • players MAY capture a cake on a previously captured Munzee

Follow the cupcake action at — not activated until July 1st when cakes are launched.



July 1-7 we want to share presents with YOU!  We are so thankful to each of our players!

Monday:  All activity will earn double points

Tuesday:  A limited number of mystery Munzee stickers will be available for purchase by Premium members only.  50% off regular price.  $.75 each sticker! to get more details about the other perks of becoming a premium member.

Wednesday:  All activity on Diamond Munzees will earn double points

Thursday:  When you capture a Munzee you have a chance to win free virtual Munzees or diamond Munzees.    **No special logo will appear, this is based on all captures during the day**

Friday:  When you capture a Munzee you have a chance to win 1 of 3 FitBit Flex, iTunes gift cards, or Google Play giftcards.    **No special logo will appear, this is based on all captures during the day**

Saturday: 20% discount on all items in the store for premium members

Sunday:  20% discount on all items in the store for premium members

 a 21st Century Scavenger Hunt that allows you to explore the world in a whole new way!  With over 600,000 Munzees deployed worldwide this will be a great birthday month!

Utilizing the power of your smartphone, Munzee™ lets players hunt, hide and capture items that are hidden in the real-world.
Munzee™ allows you to:
-Scavenger hunt with your friends
-Get to know your teammates better through Team Building
-Direct traffic at your trade-show, convention or festival
-Help people learn about points of interest in your area (city, park, museum, businesses as well as many more)

June 26, 2013

Munzee Blog

Congratulations, you found the Munzee Blog and our social Munzee to prove it!  Nothing fancy, but that’s how we roll.  🙂