Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: TheRealGigi (Tammy Teel)

If you’ve ever needed a positive, helpful friend in the Munzee community, then you know who this person is.  She’s rallied multiple clans together to rank in the top 20, she’s the admin of nearly 70% of the Munzee help groups out there, and you can count on people like her and our previous Player of the Week Ken to turn any Munzee frowns upside down!  This week’s Player of the Week Spotlight goes to Tammy Teel, though you may know her as TheRealGigi!

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Let’s take a moment to “meet” TheRealGigi by reading below!

Who are you? TheRealGigi

Where in the world do you live?  Spring Hill, USA

How long have you played Munzee?  10 months

How did you find Munzee?  That’s an interesting story… I have always loved treasure hunts and scavenger hunts… including the movie The Goonies!! One of the things Jay(PiedPiper) and I had in common and discussed on our first date. He mentioned he liked to Geocache, however had become more involved in Munzee. I immediately searched for Munzee on the web and downloaded to my phone. The next night we went to dinner on the way home he told me to pull up the app, as he would stop and let me cap an Easter Egg on the map… I was addicted at that moment and started searching the area, then state after state to find the seas of green. That is where the adventure began, and my entire life changed literally. Jay did teach me to cache, although considering my RA, I am not always physically able to do the difficult rare finds he enjoys so Munzee is perfect for me.

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?  I truly wish I had enough time to explain how God has blessed my life via Munzee, I will just say every day is a gift to me, I look forward to our munzee adventures each day. each person I have met through Munzee has proven to be an asset in my life. I now have friends across the states and around the world. Jay and I actually plan our travel routes by looking at the Munzee Map. Right now My Most Favorite thing about Munzee is watching Our Dream come true by building the Franklin Tennessee Specials Garden with our friends David, Amy, and Gracie Scarborough and now Jon Haag and Chelsey Hall. Together we have become the #1 Mystery Cluster in North America and still growing, that doesn’t even include the multitude of Virtuals, Diamonds, Weapons, Golds, Motels and Quiz Munzees and now Virtual Mysteries…thanks to the Munzee Family.

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What is on your wish list?  Personal Wish list is to physically place a Munzee in all 50 states. Wish List from Munzee ? First on the list is the revamped version of the app for the iPhone, I know Patience is a virtue…as I prefer one without the bugs so looking forward to all the hard work I know is being put into its creation. I have always wanted Mystery Munzees to be worth at least 10 points for the cap with the continued increments of 5 pts up to 50 pts, however I suppose that could alleviate part of the “Mystery”. I also want to see more special icons and badges… I enjoy capturing others Socials including trading for the Rare ones…(Hint Hint…Social-Butterfly Badge?) and enjoy the challenges of the badges. (Editor’s note: Tammy was interviewed last week before some big announcements… Did we “do good” Tammy?!?!)

Tell us about yourself!  My name is Tammy Teel although my Grands call me Gigi. I am a mother of 3 daughters Catherine(foxxygirllt), Jessica (lulubell8709) and Laura(GeorgiaPeach) 2 granddaughters Juliana & Emma Kate and 1 grandson Collin, as well as part time mom to Jay’s Children Ashley(Peanut) and Clinton(TheLoneRooster).

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Jay and I both are blessed with jobs allowing us to work from home, however this can lead to no outside world interaction if you are not careful. Munzee has truly made a difference in my life in multiple ways, especially my physical activity level which has already proven to be beneficial for my health. Jay and I munzee together on a daily basis, and it is a great way for us to spend quality time with our teens. Recently with the introduction of clan wars and watching our dream come true of creating a Specials Garden in Tennessee we have started meeting up with several of our teammates (now great friends) and capping and deploying as a group. Then again, I never meet a stranger and can talk to anyone about Munzee as Jay will be the first to attest. I enjoy cooking and used to have a pretty good second income baking and decorating cakes for birthdays, showers and weddings, thus the relation in cooking and cupcakes in my socials. I am very honored to have been nominated and chosen as Player of the Week… and I Greatly Appreciate the hard-work and efforts MHQ puts into making the game so enjoyable.

Tammy was sweet enough to share her Social Munzee with us!  Check it out:


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