FTC First Responders Badges Are Here!

Update: FTCs are only awarded for the Greenie host of a physical scatter type (Boulders, Retro Games, etc) if it wasn’t capped earlier. Only virtual scatter types like Feathers or Infrared Munzees count toward FTC badges.

Do you pride yourself in your ability to be the First to Capture (FTC) a munzee? Are you world renowned for your FTC abilities? Do you feel like this achievement is worthy of a bit more recognition? Well, we have new badges for you! We’ve put together an extension of our First Responder badge to honor First to Capture (FTC) on all Munzee types! This retroactive line of badges launches today at 10:00 MHQ time!

Never heard of FTC? First to Capture means that you are quite the vigilant player, because you are the first one to capture a munzee after it has been deployed! While these badges are retroactive, all current munzees with zero captures are waiting for you to earn your next (or first!) FTC! You can find the First Responder badges under the Capture category.

The First Responder badges count on ALL munzee types. That means that you just have to be the first to capture any munzee type to earn a FTC. However, these badges are very high numbered, so you will have to work extremely hard to earn the higher ones. The first badge in the series has been around for a while, so it might look familiar:

First Responder– Be the first to capture more than 100 munzees!

We weren’t exaggerating when we said that these badges are hard to earn! To help you out, we’ll also give you another badge to aspire to. The second badge in the First Responder series appears as follows:

Aerodynamic Responder– Be the first to capture more than 1,111 munzees!

There are five new badges in total, bringing the FTC First Responder badge line total to six. For help earning these badges, always check your local areas, because you never know when a new munzee will be deployed around you.

We hope you enjoy these new badges! Now it’s time to lace up your shoes or polish your wheels and be the first to the scene!

Happy hunting, and Munzee on!