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October 15, 2015

Personal Munzees

The time has arrived! Personal Munzees are now available through several of our authorized resellers. Read more about the Personal Munzee here before you purchase and find an authorized reseller here.

We remind you not to buy any product from anyone other than authorized resellers to ensure Munzee quality and official products.

October 14, 2015

Email issues

Over the past 48 hours we’ve had some issues with our email client. We are working to figure this out. If you have a pressing need or you’ve already sent an email and have not received a response please visit for an updated email list. This will allow you to directly email the appropriate department. We hope to have the issue resolved soon. This has effected all outgoing email as well; clan, nearby deployed, daily email, etc.

Thanks for your patience as we work it out.

December 8, 2013

Announcement: Weekly Activity Summary -Straight to your inbox!

Hot off the presses -Starting Tuesday, Munzee players will now receive a weekly activity summary sent straight to their inbox!

This summary includes the point accrual for the week, repair entries left on your Munzee, badges awarded to your account, and other important news.

The email will be sent directly to the email account registered/linked to your Munzee player account.  Be sure to check the email you registered with and check your Munzee User Settings in your Profile on the website if you don’t see your email next week.

By default, all players will receive a weekly email with their activity.  Premium users have the option to setup daily summary emails!  Once we launch the Weekly Activity Summary emails, premium users can go into their User Profile, and then User Settings on the website to change how often they would like to receive emails.

Curious as to what your Weekly Activity Summary will look like?  Have a sneak peek at coachV and LeftOvers4Dinner‘s Activity Summary Emails:

coachv email

Seen above, we’ve added a cool feature that breaks down the types of Munzee you’ve captured during the day/week. This will be very helpful while trying to earn weapons in clan battles!


In the case of LeftOvers4Dinner‘s Weekly Summary, we can tell she’s got 2 Munzee in Maintenance Mode, and a few critical journal entries to look into.  With one easy click from your weekly email you can go directly to any Munzee that needs to be addressed, or view comments on recent “Unable to Locate” or “Needs Repair” Munzee.

Our hope is to better equip our players with the tools and information they need to make their Munzee gaming experience the best it can possibly be.  Sending you all the info you need directly to your inbox is a great feature, and we’re happy to launch it this week for everyone!