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November 20, 2015

Cyber Munzweek 2015!

This coming week is filled with holidays and sales days, especially in the US. We’ve decided to celebrate all over the world with Cyber Munzweek and introduce new items as well as thank you, our players, for all of your support. Below is a list of each day and what we will be doing. Unless indicated otherwise, sales/specials will begin at 10am MHQ time that day and will last until 9:59am the following morning.

Monday, November 23rd: Giveaways!
We’re starting the week off with freebies! Credit items will be awarded at random for captures* from 00:01-23:59 MHQ time.

Tuesday, November 24th: MORE Giveaways!
One giveaway day isn’t enough, is it? We don’t think so! We will continue to award credit items for random captures* from 00:01-23:59 MHQ time.

Wednesday, November 25th: Premo Sale!
From 00:01-23:59 MHQ time, premium members get 20% off the Munzee online store (excluding premium memberships and gift certificates).

Thursday, November 26th: ThanksGIVE-ing!
Premium members will receive One (1) Flat Rob and One (1) New Surprise Munzee for free!

Friday, November 27th: New Virt!
All new Virtual Trails will be on sale! A five (5) stop trail will be $3 (regularly $5) and a ten (10) stop trail will be $5 (regularly $10)! Also, we have a very limited number of surplus October MunzPaks that will be available for $20 (that WILL NOT include the virtual items).

Saturday, November 28th: SCATTER!
We’re introducing the Scatter Munzee! These will be on sale for $3 (regularly $5).

Sunday, November 29th: Prizes!
You never know what you’ll get with the Prize Wheel Munzee! They will be on sale for $2 (regularly $5).

Monday, November 30th: SURPRISE?!
When we retired the Mystery Virtual Munzee, we promised something would replace it. Well, here it is! The Surprise Munzee will be on sale for $3 (regularly $5). We’re not stopping there, though. We will be releasing 1000 Limited Edition Unicorn Munzees for $20. Limit 1 per person.

*Socials do not count toward captures for prizes.


Brief Descriptions of New Munzee Types

  • Surprise Munzee: When captured, it will take on the best point characteristics of a random Munzee from a predetermined list for points (e.g. Full Hotel/Motel, Diamond Ruby, etc)
  • Virtual Trails: Distance rules are the same as physical Trail Munzees, and the point structure is extended for stops 6-10.
  • Scatter Munzee: When captured, this munzee will throw out (similar to the ghost pellet specials) 4 special munzees on greenies within a 1 mile radius that can be captured within 2 hours. Anyone can capture these new munzees.
  • Prize Wheel Munzee: When captured, the player will receive points or rewards randomly based on a predetermined list (e.g. 20-100 points, DIamond +10 points, Hotel + 10 points, etc).
  • Unicorn Munzee: These munzees behave like nomads, but are owned by players.

Full descriptions of each Munzee will be released on the blog the day they go for sale.

NOTE: We are still accepting submissions for the Make Us A Munzee competition. The munzees we are releasing next week have been in production for quite some time. Though some of the submissions we have received are very similar, the new releases are not reflective of that competition. 

November 30, 2013

Give a gift that “Grows the Map!” – Cyber Munzday

Well, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag.  It seems we’ve had a few sneaky-sneaky Munzee players snooping around Munzee Headquarters!  By now, many of you have seen this mysterious Cyber Munzday flyer:

CyberMondayFlyer (1)

Well, we’re here to let you know the rumors are true!  The holidays are fast approaching, and Team Munzee is here to help you find that perfect gift for the Munzee hunter in your life.  We’re throwing a Cyber Munzday sale in the Munzee store, with special deals, new products, and a special new Munzee!  Starting at Midnight (MHQT) new products will go live in the Munzee shop, and we’ll regularly update with new special items throughout the day.

Got a “mad deployer” on your Christmas list?  We’re offering a new line of Urban Camo stickers for as low as 25 cents each.  Check out these clever camo stickers, perfect for keeping your Munzee fun “under the radar”:

urban (2)

Want to go on a Cap n’ Deploy streak, but your phone needs a little extra “oomph” to get you through the day? Well, Team Munzee has a special deal on 20,000 mAH portable external chargers in the Munzee store.  A quick stocking-stuffer to get you through any Munzee adventure!

20000 mah battery packquickfic

Everyone loves showing some some “Munzee pride” -well now you can with our new T-shirts!  Regularly $17.99, we’re offering them for a special price this Cyber Munzday;

CyberMondayFlyer (2)

The most exciting item on the Munzee agenda will be the midnight release of our newest Munzee type: Mystery Virtuals!  That’s right, we’re offering up a Virtual Munzee worth a Mystery level points.  If that’s not exciting enough, check out the limited time only price of $2.00 USD!  And don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to get a Mystery Virtual, as Team Munzee will regularly re-stock throughout the day.


So, enough with the boring Holiday Shopping Madness, let’s get crazy this Cyber Munzday with Team Munzee!