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June 10, 2020

Eventzee App Update In Relation To Munzee

We’re excited to announce a new version of the Eventzee app (and logo!) will be available for download later this week! The latest version of Eventzee has been totally reworked to offer virtual events and scavenger hunts for any occasion.

As excited as we are for the Eventzee team, there will be a transition period regarding the new app. You can read all about the new features, exciting partnerships, and more on the Eventzee blog. The purpose of this announcement on the Munzee blog is to identify some of the key changes, and how they affect Munzee and Eventzee’s relationship.

The new Eventzee app is an entirely new build, so when the new app is available you will not update your current version of the Eventzee app. Instead, you will need to search for the new version in your phone’s app store. This means that the Eventzee database has been restructured as its own and will no longer be a part of Munzee. 

New User Sign-up:

Since Eventzee will no longer be sharing databases, Munzee and Eventzee accounts will no longer be linked. So if you choose to join an Eventzee hunt you will need to create a new account.

Munzee Events:

Moving forward, Eventzee hunts will no longer be an additional add-on item for Munzee Events. This means that bonus points, and badges, etc will no longer be available for future events. However, this is subject to change as we develop our plan on incorporating this new app into Munzee events! 

Please note that some Fall Into Spring events with Eventzee packages are still scheduled on the calendar. These will continue as planned, but players will need to use the previous Eventzee app in order to participate. The new app will be replacing the older app in the App and Play Stores at the end of this week. So if you wish to participate in these Munzee Event hunts you need to make sure to keep the older version of the app on your phone since you will not be able to redownload it. 

Eventzee Legacy Badges

Badges currently available to be earned in Eventzee will become legacy badges. Legacy badges earned will still show in the Munzee app, and any Eventzee hunts completed on the old system (for example at a Fall Into Spring event) will count toward them. The new Eventzee app will not show these badges. 

Eventzee Themed Huntz

The themed scavenger hunts sold earlier this year will not be available in the new Eventzee app.  Anyone who purchased these hunts will still be able to finish them using the old Eventzee app. As stated above, the old app will be supported for the time being, but you must have it downloaded to your phone before the new app is released. 

We appreciate all of your support and hope that should your company, family, or organization need a customized scavenger hunt tool you look no further than Eventzee. This new app is top of the line, and will be able to offer more opportunities than the previous app has ever been able to. Thank you all again, we’re excited to see where Eventzee goes from here! 

February 2, 2015


SPhoneMockupscavenger Hunts Made Easy.

The App is available for download now through the Apple store or Google play. Once you’ve finished downloading the app, join us for our free weekly Eventzee events. Each week we have worldwide photo hunts that anyone can play. Compete with people around the world and get a taste of what it’s like to play Eventzee- maybe even take notes for your own hunt. Check out the Eventzee blog daily for new clues and watch the in-app leaderboard to see your rank!

This simple idea has become so much more, but at its core Eventzee is here to ease the tedious task of setting up privatized and personalized scavenger hunts.

As Munzee’s community expanded, a need arose for hosting private Munzee events in an easy fun, way. We recognized an opportunity to develop a new app that would make privatized scavenger hunts easier and more customizable for smartphones. What resulted was Eventzee, the easiest way to host private scavenger hunts for any event possible. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, organizing a trade show, or interested in alternative ways to develop corporate training, Eventzee can take you event to the next level.

Eventzee can help you create an exciting and unique experience for everyone involved. Whether it’s 200 people or 2, our feature-filled and user-friendly admin tools will get your game going in no time. We’ve made it easy for you to create and control an engaging competition through our website and mobile app. Choose between a traditional photo-based scavenger hunt or a QR code-based hunt, where players use Eventzee to locate QR code stickers hidden in the wild. Customize your game in countless different ways to make the most of your hunt. If you’re interested in hosting your own Eventzee Scavenger Hunt visit for more info!

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January 7, 2015

Apply to be an Eventzee Beta Tester!

10830799_810871068959190_8184144172351585906_oEventzee is ready for your input! We’re now taking requests for beta testers. All iOS and Android testers interested should fill out THIS FORM. If accepted you’ll receive an invite over the next ten days to install.

Thank you in advance for your input and remember this will be an active campaign so the number of testers will be limited.

NOTE: You must have a Munzee account to use Eventzee. Go to for your free account.