Keep your “eyeballs” on the Munzee map this Halloween!

Team Munzee is launching 50,000 eyeballs on the map this Halloween, so be prepared for a creepy landing in your hometown!  Eyeballs will land on regular Munzees (“greenies”), and will not land on specials (like Motel Munzee).   This launch should give everyone, everywhere, a chance to capture one of these slimey-grimey eyeballs!  The eyeball will be available for the first to capture only, then disappear from the map.

Munzee eyeballs will begin crawling onto the map October 30th, 08:00 am MHQ (GMT -5) and they’ll stay on the map until November 1st, 05:00 am MHQ (GMT -5).  Players will have a little over 45 hours of gameplay to capture an eyeball!

Point structure: 31 points will be awarded for each capture.  The 31 points will be split between the capper & owner, with a minimum of 10 points for each!


Keep your eyes peeled, one of these bouncing balls of Halloween mischief might just creep up on you!