Munzee powers the Discover Jersey Arts Quest

The Quest is on.

DJAQuest_WebTileAltMunzee is proud to announce a partnership with Discover Jersey Arts, a project dedicated to increasing awareness of and participation in the arts in New Jersey. Through the Munzee app, Jersey Arts has designed a statewide scavenger hunt to detail various New Jersey art locations.

Starting Friday October 3rd between 1PM & 5PM CST there will be nearly 30 locations across the state with a designated QR code. Throughout the month of October players can capture each pin once. The person that captures the most locations in the Quest will win the grand prize. Each special DJA pin will give the player 25 points, but in order to win the grand prize you will have to register with Discover Jersey Arts at this link. If you cap one of the Jersey Art QR codes you will be sent to the registration page as well.

By capping one Discover Jersey Arts munzee you will also be awarded a special badge. Discover Jersey Arts also wants you to spread the word about the Quest and encourage your friends to take the challenge! Use the hashtag #DJAQuest wherever you participate in social media and document each of your captures by taking a selfie at each stop along the map, and share with them via the hashtag #QuestSelfie.

For more information on the quest, locations of pins and official contest rules please visit