The time has come for… COPA DO MUNZO!

7Q0izQhCTYL7Relcwba3vbs7eiLVRcm77n5Qea0xGOgIn celebration of Munzee, our players across the world and the greatest sport known to man, we are happy to announce the Copa Do Munzo special map which will go live tomorrow at 3 p.m. (GMT-5). From the first whistle in Brazil on June 12 until Germany hoists the cup (according to Munzee President Rob Vardeman anyway) on July 13, we will have 704 bouncing footballs (soccer balls to those in the States) on the map across the world.  These special captures will attach to physical greenies that have already been deployed internationally and those lucky enough to find them get a Copa Do Munzo special icon and badge. As players cap the specials a reward of 23 points will be randomly split between the player that captured it and the owner of the Munzee. Once captured the ball will bounce to a new location somewhere in the world and similarly if a ball is not captured within six hours of spawning it will relocate.  Why 704 bouncing balls? Why 23 points? Well we’ll leave that to the smartest of our Munzee players to figure out, because those numbers do indeed signify something.

Also, don’t forget to visit to pick who you think will win the Cup this year for a chance to win even more extras. You’ll have until noon (GMT-5) tomorrow to pick your team, so don’t miss out. Good luck to the teams in Brazil, the Munzee players across the world and from the rest of us at MHQ (Rob excluded) GO TEAM USA!