Undeployed Munzees

Your voices have been heard! You want improved response and functionality of the app and website.  We’ve got you covered.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been analyzing the guts of Munzee. It is always our goal to keep things running efficiently. As part of this process we’ve found an excessive number (over half a million) Munzees sitting in undeployed lists of players worldwide. In order to better allocate our server space, the number of Munzees allowed in your undeployed list will be limited to 100.  This won’t affect Munzees created prior to this change (players with more than 100 in their list don’t have to worry about their existing undeployed Munzee disappearing).  This will also not effect your ability to undeploy a Munzee that needs to be repaired.

The limit will be enforced when trying to create new Munzees from the website.  If you have over 100 in your list, you’ll receive a notification letting you know your current Undeployed status:

Undeployed Message


Generic stickers aren’t attached to any account, so they won’t populate or eat up space in your undeployed list.  If a player’s looking to deploy a mass quantity of Munzee over a short period of time, Generic stickers really are the best option!

Team Munzee is really excited to offer a better server and in-app gaming experience, so we’re always listening.  We encourage you to share this post with you’re fellow players, and can’t wait to see your comments and feedback!