Podcast Episode 18: Welcome to McKinney and changes around MHQ.

This week on the Munzee podcast, we welcome our players to downtown McKinney, Texas and introduce the newest members of Team Munzee.

This week’s topics:

1. Check out the fresh new faces of Munzee at: http://www.munzee.com/team

2. McKinney native Dderrberry60 shares his insight on the history and charm of McKinney, Texas (home of Munzee HQ) while LeftOvers4Dinner focuses on the points (of course). Plan your visit to McKinney by visiting the McKinney Convention and Visitors Bureau: http://www.visitmckinney.com/

3. Pmvogt and Coachv do da’ Copa Do Munz: https://munzeeblog.com/the-time-has-come-for-copa-do-munzo/

4. RMH Virtuals: https://munzeeblog.com/munzee-for-good-this-may/ -Leave the map June 30th, get your caps in while you can! Also, be sure to check out the event later on this week (June 26th) for RMH Spokane: http://calendar.munzee.com/RMHSpokane/ -CoachV and Dderryberry60 will be there!

Feel free to send us feedback, suggestions, or thoughts on our new podcast “freestyling” to podcast@Munzee.com.