Munzee Game Prize Day Begins!

It’s a busy day at MHQ today, but more on that later. Although Team Munzee will be hard at work making “moves,” it’s still a third day of the birthday month, which means good things for the players! Today we’ll be awarding game prizes to random captures made throughout the day. Although the prizes will be a bit more scarce, by getting out and capping today you have the chance to win:

  • Premium Membership Packs
  • $25 Munzee Store Giftcards
  • $50 Munzee Store Giftcards

The presents will be awarded to random captures after the day ends. So those who cap from 11 AM (MHQ time) Monday July 21st until 11 AM the next day will have a chance to win one of the Munzee prizes. Remember the more you cap the better chance you have at winning, so don’t let a case of the Mondays hurt you chances!