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June 12, 2018

Big news about Flats and Bonus points in July!

We know it’s a little early for July’s Flat Schedule, but we wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to prepare for the fun that our Birthday month will bring!

ALL Flats will be on the map for the entire month of JULY so we can celebrate at events all over the world. That’s not the only good news about July though, members of the team want to give you special cause to get out there and cap those Munzees!

Louise has a HUGE race on July 8th so *Flat Lous will be double points that day. July 29th is the conclusion of the Tour de France so she will also celebrate with double points on that day!

Matt and Rob are looking forward to celebrating some big “Round of 16” matches in the World Cup! Expect double points on *Flat Robs and *Flat Matts on July 1-3.

And finally, while Daniel Fischer isn’t Flat he is a proud German! Germany is a powerhouse in world football so he wants to get extra support for his team.

  • If Germany advances to the quarter-finals there will be quadruple points on all *greenie munzees on July 6-7.
  • If Germany advances to the semi-finals there will be double points on all *jewel munzees on July 10-11.
  • If Germany advances to the FINALS there will be double points on ALL *physical munzees on July 15.

*This will include capture, cap on, and deploy points*

We’ve still got a lot of surprises in store for July, so get ready for Zee Greatest Show On Earth! Don’t forget to visit to find a birthday event near you too, or get one added! Good luck and Munzee On!

July 21, 2017

Garfield Virtual Icons and The Tourism Filter!

With Matt and Rob en route to Munzee, IN, we’re excited to offer some more details on the virtual Garfield icons that will be available!

These virtual icons are located at each of the Garfield statues in Muncie, IN and Grant County. Garfields will be released at the Saturday morning event at McCulloch Park. You’ll earn 78 points for each Garfield statue captured, which is based on the year Garfield was first published- 1978. Even if you can’t make it to Muncie for the events this weekend, the Garfield virtual icons will be permanent, so stop by on your travels and enjoy some time with the fat cat in the future.

We’re also introducing a new Tourism filter that will include Garfield virtual icons and the Texas Historical Markers. We hope to expand to more tourism destinations soon, so stay tuned for more in the future.

There will also be an Eventzee photo scavenger hunt connected to all of the unique Garfield statues for the weekend. You can scan that join code at the Saturday morning event as well. Say (lasagna) cheese!

We hope you’re all as excited as we are to celebrate Munzee’s 6th birthday in Muncie! Matt and Rob will also be joined by Daniel “hksfarm” Hammock and Dale n’ Barb from Spacecoast Geo Store, so come join members of Team MHQ and the lasagna loving Garfield for what’s sure to be a fun weekend.

Munzee on!


Garfield is trademarked by PAWS Inc and used by permission granted to Munzee Inc.

June 6, 2016

Birthday Parties Update

It’s hard to believe that it is already June! We’re gearing up for our Birthday Month, and Louise has been extremely busy working with event hosts. We’ve got 56 Birthday Parties planned worldwide during the month of July, so you have plenty to choose from if you want to attend one. You’ve still got time to get one on the calendar if you want to host your own, too. If you want more information, please email, and she can get you sorted out!

Trish has been working on some amazing artwork for individual events, and the Attendee and Host badges are looking great. Louise can’t wait to show them off to everyone. However, great artwork takes time. We will be implementing a cut-off date for custom artwork. All fully customized artwork requests must be submitted by this Friday, June 10th. After that, only generic badges will be offered. Don’t miss out!

Thank you everyone for your support and for growing the map! Munzee on!

May 13, 2016

Birthday Events Information

We may be in the middle of the MunzFit events, but we are ready to tell you about our plans for player-hosted July events! We invite you to help us celebrate our 5th Birthday by hosting Munzee Birthday Parties all over the world. This year we will extend the celebrations through the entire month of July!

As with the Christmas and Easter events there are *various packages available, all will give different host badges. The packages are:

  • The Pool Party – Basic event with no proximity ($30)
  • The Dance Party – The Pool Party plus some temporary specials ($35 and up)
  • The Fancy Dress Party – The Dance Party plus Badge & Icon ($135 and up)
  • The Mad Munzee Tea Party – The Fancy Dress Party plus Eventzee ($185 and up)

There will also be an option to add a Birthday Present ($20) which gives a free virtual or credit item to every party attendee.

As always, there will be an Attendee badge and plenty of **surprises with all the details to come! We want these parties to be huge!

Please get your events on the calendar ASAP! We will need time to work on your artwork and other requests.

Let’s get ready to party, Munzee style!

*Specific event package questions will be answered after you begin the process. Step one is getting your event on the calendar!
**Members of Team Munzee look forward to attending as many events as we can. Get your events on the calendar ASAP and get those attendees clicking “I’m Going!” soon so we can plan our destinations.

June 2, 2015

REMINDER: Munzee Worldwide Birthday Events

With Munzee’s 4th Birthday just a few weeks away we have so much exciting news on the horizon. Our monthlong celebration of all things Munzee kicks off the first weekend of July with worldwide Birthday parties hosted by you, our players. From July 1-5 we have asked that our international community join us in celebration of four years of Munzeeing by hosting their own Munzee events.

Over the past month we’ve had lots of interest in hosting these worldwide events, due in large part to the promise of a special Birthday event badge. We would like to remind everyone that in order to get this special badge at your event there must be at least ten people who participate in the event and it must be scheduled on the official Munzee calendar. Just visit to submit your event and be sure to follow along on social media for more Birthday announcements.

These events are also an opportunity for our various clans, groups, and communities to create custom badges and icons for the players in attendance. As stated earlier we have had a lot of events scheduled, many of which have had custom badges and icons created for their events. If you’re interested in hosting an event with custom icons/badges there is a 28 day advance notice required. So if you want special icons/badges for your Munzee Birthday Event you must have that submitted to the Munzee Event Team by June 3rd at 5pm MHQ time or there will be a surcharge.

Events are a perfect way to grow the game in your area, so be sure to spread word through all available avenues.

May 1, 2015

Munzee’s 4th Birthday Worldwide Parties

Join us this July in celebrating the fourth anniversary of Munzee’s creation! A lot has happened in four years and, as those that remember last year’s celebrations know, we like to celebrate. Over the next few months we’ll be releasing Birthday info, but we wanted to give our players some notice about our worldwide Munzee Birthday celebration event. Much like last year we want our players to host their own Munzee birthday parties across the world. We may not be able to join you all in person, but we want to join you in spirit. So from July 1-5 we ask that our worldwide community join us in celebration of four years of Munzeeing! 

This year we want to organize it a bit better, so we’re asking that players create their events in the Munzee Calendar from July 1st-5th, 2015. This will help let your local communities know that they can join and also help us see where everyone is celebrating. As an added bonus if you can get ten people to join you at your event we’ll award you with a special Munzee Birthday Host badge! Details are subject to change over the next couple months, but we wanted to give you guys enough notice so you have time to plan these awesome events! Just visit to submit your event and be sure to follow along on social media for more Birthday announcements.

June 29, 2014

July Clan War

July is the birthday month for Munzee. We are very excited to extend our 3rd birthday into the clan wars this year. There will only be 3 levels. Baby Chuck, The Chuck, and #SuperChuck. This month is a gift to you!

In order to earn Baby Chuck, all 10 members of your clan must reach 333 points. All 10 clan members must each have at least 3 deploys of any munzee type and 33 captures of any munzee type. Baby Chuck Reward: 3 virtual munzees.

In order to earn The Chuck, all 10 members of your clan must reach 3333 points. All 10 clan members must each have at least 33 deploys of any munzee type and 333 captures of any munzee type. The Chuck Reward: 3 mystery virtual munzees, 3 diamonds, 3 maces.

In order to earn #SuperChuck, all 10 members of your clan must reach 3333×3 (9999) points. All 10 clan members must each have at least 33×3 (99) deploys of any munzee type and 333×3 (999) captures of any munzee type. #SuperChuck Reward: 3 mystery virtual munzees, 3 diamonds, 3 longswords, 3 motels, 3 of a brand new special munzee being released in July.


*Don’t expect future months to be so nice, Rob is in a giving mood due to the birthday month*  😉

July 7, 2013

Birthday week is ending

Munzee’s second birthday was a great celebration! We hope you enjoyed the first week of July as we shared our gifts with you. Remember the birthday cakes will continue to bounce all over the world for the entire month. Will there be other celebrations before the month ends??? Let us know what you think!