The Inaugural Munzee Olympics!

olympic_720It’s February! This is the month when athletes, countries, and nations join together and go for the gold. The unity and sportsmanship have inspired us to have the Inaugural Munzee Olympics!

Represent the best of the best and choose your nation. Proudly compete against fellow Munzee players and rise as a Champion!

The Munzee Olympics will be made up of various competitions, we encourage all nations to participate in all the events.

The nitty-gritty details:

Choose your nation: Begins February 1— 00:01 MHQ (GMT -6) — Ends February 6— 23:59 MHQ (GMT -6)
Choose your competition: Players are not enrolled in every competition. You must enroll in the “sport” you excel in (compete in the games you think best suit your Munzee style). Note: You can choose a maximum of 5 events.

(que grand trumpet noise) And now to announce the Munzee Olympic game events! Here are the sport categories you can compete in:

Freestyle: Overall points for all activity during the Munzee Olympics
Greenies: # of Greenies capped
Academic: # of Quiz and Quiz virts capped
Social: # of Socials capped
Badge: # of Badges earned during the Munzee Olympics (includes ALL badges)
Visitor: # of Motels capped (sum of Motels and Motel Rooms)
Virtual Olympian: # of Virts and Mystery Virts capped (sum of both)
Ice: # of Diamonds capped
Grow the Map: # of Greenies deployed (may not be converted during Olympics)
Unicorn: # of Business caps
Level Up: # of Levels gained
Triathlon: # of times you cap a complete cycle of 1 green, 1 virtual, 1 mystery
Webbed: # of Virts and Mystery Virts deployed (sum of both)
Perfect 100: # of days with exactly 100 points
Go For the Gold: # of premium caps (goldies)

Points System:  Each event will be scored by the actions necessary divided by the number of players for the nation.  Example: Ice, 42 Diamonds capped by a total of 7 players = 6 points for the nation.   Triathlon: 72 green, 56 virtual, 25 mystery capped by 5 players = 25 / 5 = 5 points for nation.

The games begin February 7 at 00:01 MHQ (GMT -6) and end February 23 at 23:59 MHQ (GMT -6)!   More details about EVERYTHING will be posted throughout the week, so watch this blog.

Olympic Awards will be announced during the Opening Ceremonies.