Munzee Player of the Week Spotlight: Elliot Koeppel (1849)

When someone says “Munzee Madness,” one thought comes to everyone’s mind: 1849!  You know him as an Authorized Munzee Dealer, the man behind the Munzee Madness Facebook group, several Munzee + Photography websites, and one of our biggest celebrities.  1849, also known as Elliot Koeppel and proprietor of is Munzee’s Player of the Week.

Get to know the man behind the countless Social Munzees, amazing photography, and awesome Munzee merch’ through the interview below!

Who are you?


 Where in the world do you live?   

La Habra, Cal USA

How long have you played Munzee?  

739 days

How did you find Munzee?  

I first heard of Munzee in a couple of logs on one of my ‘caches. Two people mentioned finding it, as well as the Munzee that was located right near by (one of H20Klan’s). So I googled “Munzee”, thought it sounded fun and downloaded the app. I then went out to my ‘cache, found the Munzee and capped it. From that point on, I was hooked!

What do you enjoy most about Munzee?

There are several things I enjoy about Munzee. When I first started playing, it was all about the points and trying to get to the top of the leaderboards, I made it as high as #3 for about one day and then settled into #5 spot for a long while. I enjoyed leveling up, hearing the “ding,” and searching out places with lots of Munzees on the Munzee map.

My focus on how I play Munzee has changed a lot since I first started. Now my main focus is on having fun, points really aren’t a motivation any longer. I enjoy getting out to really remote, scenic or historic places and deploying a Munzee to try to lure others out to where I’ve been. I really enjoy combining Munzee with travel and photography, and then posting mini munzee travel blogs on my new website:

There’s something addictive about deploying a Munzee in such remote, beautiful places and then sharing the experience with others.

I also enjoy writing posts for my Munzee Mlog at:

Have I mentioned BADGES? I love BADGES! I think they are going to really open up a new style of gameplay for the players who are looking for an alternative to only playing for points. I still enjoy getting together with friends and “carpet bombing” a mall, or hitting a power trail and trying to rack up a big daily score, but for me, Munzee isn’t always about the points. It’s more about the sense of adventure, the thrill of the hunt and deploy out in the wilds, sharing experiences and the game with others and trying to grow the map.

What is on your wish list?

I would like to see tons of BADGES added to the game, with the ability for premium members to create one Badge of their own. I’d like to see more special events along the lines of the x-box, the Gold’n Coins, the Hamburger.

I’d really like the ability to contact brand new players I see capping my munzees, so I could help them out, get in touch with them, invite them to local events, etc… (Guess what Elliot, your wish has been granted!!!).  If we could do that and encourage the brand new players, I think they would be more likely to keep playing the game. It would be a great way to build a local community of players.

 Tell us about yourself!

Most of my Munzee activity is solo, but there are a number of nearby players with whom I regularly go out with to seek and deploy, as well as some long distance (even coachV on occasion)! I enjoy creating Social Munzees, co-hosting the annual Munzee Madness event with H2oKlan, running the site and the new  Anyone wishing to follow me on twitter, I have two accounts: @CaliFortyNine and @munzeemadness I really enjoy Munzee and being able to combine it with family, friends, travel, photography and then sharing the results with fellow players around the world. I’ve met some great people while playing, both online and in person, and am looking forward to many more years of a great game.


Do you know a player that inspires you, or does their part to grow the world of Munzee?  Know a Munzee super-hero, or maybe just someone that makes you smile?  If so, send us a message at with their name, player name, and your info as well!