The Munzee Munch October Special!

pacghost_128 copy pacpellet_128In celebration of the popular 8-bit video game Pac-Man™ and in connection with the North American holiday of Halloween, Munzee is proud to announce the Munzee Munch specials! Starting Monday, October 13th Munzee Power Pellets will show up across the map, where they will bounce every six hours if not captured. Similar to the arcade game, once players “munch” on the the power pellet three ghastly Ghostzees will appear within a one mile radius of the capped pellet.  Each Ghostzee will haunt a different greenie (regular munzee), but be warned they could possibly haunt your own Munzees. Unfortunately you can’t cap your own Munzees though, so a different ghost hunter will have to cap those.  The Ghostzees won’t be there for long and you’ll only have two hours to cap all three. You’ll also be racing any other nearby Munzee players because once the pellet has been munched, anyone can cap the three Ghostzees that appear.

There will be 1,980 power pellets bouncing across the world (viewable on a special map) until November 1st at 00:01 CST (MHQ time). You will get 50 points for munching a power pellet as well as a special icon. Cap on points are normal for the owner of the power pellet munzee. Once a Ghostzee is captured players will get 34 points split between owner and capper (10 point minimum for each) and a ghost icon. A greenie has the chance to be a Ghostzee more than once, but power pellets will only land on a munzee once and when captured that munzee cannot become a pellet again.  *For clan players all power pellet and ghostzee caps will be 2x for clan points!*

You will also get a Munzee Munch badge if you capture a Ghostzee, whether you munched the pellet or not, but you do not need to cap all three for the badge. PacMunchBadge_720