Munzee API is now open to developers

With almost 3 million deployments and 45 million captures around the world, we have been asked many times over the years about giving developers access to that data to create their own apps using the Munzee API in different ways. Until now we haven’t had infrastructure in place to support it, but after working the past few weeks we’re proud to announce that we’ve made it a reality. We have created a streamlined, fairly easy to use method for developers to access our data to create applications from the Munzee platform.

Munzee is a small team and we can’t build everything we want, so it’s time to incorporate you, the developer. We think this is a great opportunity to help grow our game and give our talented players the chance to make something great. Below you’ll find the links to get started and if you have any questions, suggestions, comments – please email

The links to get started: