Munzee Player of the Week: Iain Grant (Pilsleyguy)

Although Munzee is still relatively young, we’re always impressed when we see players breaking record after record within the game. The number 1 position on the leaderboard is a coveted battleground that’s ever changing, but to those who fight their way to the top it’s well worth the long days Munzeeing. It certainly doesn’t hurt when that battle also gets you to 3 million points. This week’s Player of the Week did just that and hit a milestone for himself and Munzee in general. Read on to learn more about Iain Grant (Pilsleyguy)!

Iain BerlinWho are you?
Pilsleyguy. My real name is Iain Grant and I’m 43 years old.

Where in the world do you live?
I currently live in the town of Poole, which is situated in the county of Dorset, on the south coast of England.

How long have you played Munzee?
I started playing Munzee in February 2013.

How did you find Munzee?
I first heard about it from a good friend of mine Mark (Jamspongeandouzy), who mentioned it one day in a Social Media post. Later that week I chatted to him about this whilst round at a friends for dinner, I downloaded the app and nipped outside to capture a couple of Munzee’s that were close by. A few days later I capped a few more and slowly got hooked from there. At the time there were not too many Munzee’s in the local area and they were very spread out. Unlike a lot of other Munzee players, I had not played any other similar games beforehand.

Iain munzee 2What do you enjoy most about Munzee?
Lot’s of things. I was firstly drawn by the general gameplay and the amount of statistics that go with the game. I’ve also been a fan of maps and map reading, so really it was only a matter of time before I discovered Munzee. When I first started playing, I tended to go out on my own, but after a couple of weeks I managed to find a few groups on Social Media and realised that there were quite a few people in my local area with the same hobby. I then started to meet other players whilst out Munzeeing and the friendships just grew from there.

Clan wars started in April 2013, soon after I joined Munzee and I was lucky enough to be invited into a local clan (Dorset & Hampshire 1) and managed to get a 1st place in August 2013 and then again in April 2014, which was great. Then in September I joined Foxtrot Oscar and we managed to win that months clan wars too, with the best ever score of 4,687,894 – the month when we all went a little Ice crazy! I’ve been lucky enough to travel abroad a number of times, accompanied by my bodyguard, Michelle (LILYGRIMALDI) at all times and sometimes other friends have joined us too! – I’m very lucky to have so many fantastic places to visit in Europe that are not too far away from the UK. My biggest achievement in Munzee was managing to get to that coveted world no.1 position back in September. I was in Berlin at the time and had a little celebration at the Brandenburg Gate. Then in early November 2014, whilst on another Munzee trip to the Netherlands, I managed to break through the 3 million points barrier, which I’m pretty chuffed about.

What is on your wish list?

I wish everybody would place all of their virtual Munzee’s in Poole and Bournemouth area so I didn’t have to keep travelling abroad all the time!!! A phone that never needed charging would also be very useful too.

Tiain munzee 5ell us about yourself!
Let me start by explaining where my Munzee name, Pilsleyguy comes from. Pilsley is a very small village in the county of Derbyshire in central England. I lived there between 2007 and 2011 and a few people that I knew at the time called me Pilsleyguy – this sort of stuck with me and when I had to decide for a Munzee name, it was the only thing I could think of at the time, even though I had moved away from the area by then. As I mentioned earlier, I currently live in a town called Poole which sit’s next to the town of Bournemouth, on the UK’s south coast. It’s a lovely part of the UK, which has some fantastic sandy beaches and some stunning local countryside. Being on the south coast means that the weather does tend to be a little nicer and a little warmer than other part of the UK, and this attracts thousands of holiday makers, especially during the summer months.

lego man2Despite the large number of trips abroad I take to Munzee, I do actually have a full time job at a Housing Association – It’s a company that owns houses and apartments in the local area which it then rents out. My work colleagues think I am mad although I do regularly get questions about how high my score is or where my next trip is going to be! Also, if anyone was wondering about the little photo icon I use of a Lego man, it’s actually a picture of my 40th birthday cake that a friend got specially made for me!

Other hobbies include:
I don’t have much time at the moment for other hobbies, although I do like spending the afternoon on my favorite local beach (in the summer) and traveling abroad (which is a good thing really).

Pilseyguy was kind enough to share his social, so cap away!

Iains social munzee

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