Announcing the 2015 Munzee Theme Contest!

The end of 2014 is near and it has been a wild ride. From freezing over McKinney, TX with ALS Ice Cubes to introducing new munzee types, Munzee has truly lived up to its 2014 theme of “Expect the Unexpected.” So now that the new year is upon us, we need our players’ help coming up with a new theme for 2015. Who knows Munzee better than our faithful players? We’re accepting submissions starting today (12/9) and we’ll continue through December 14, 2014. Then starting on December 15th we’ll take our 5 favorite themes and let the rest of the Munzee community vote on which is the winner. Voting will run until December 22 and we’ll announce the winner on January 1, 2015.

So to break it down:

  • Theme submissions: 12/9-12/14
  • Top 5 Voting: 12/15-12/22
  • Theme Announcement: 1/1/2015

To submit a theme CLICK HERE and include your username and theme phrase.

We’re really excited about this opportunity and we hope our players see just how important this. We based our entire year around “Expect the Unexpected” and we’re sure the theme you pick will do the same in 2015. As for general guidelines, this is pretty limitless. We ask that you keep the theme short and not use any well known phrases from other brands (Just Do It, Put A Smile On, Etc.), but other than that, the future of Munzee is in your hands!