Runzee Beta Testing

We are spreading our Munzee wings and truly taking our 2015 theme, “New Year, New Perspective”, to a new level. We’ve created a game that doesn’t rely on geolocation or the use of a camera. Runzee is a “Runner” game for mobile that you will allow you to collect Munzee pins in a whole new way.

You can watch a preview of gameplay here:

Sign up for beta can be done for iOS and Android at their respective links:

If you want to follow the development process, you can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. The Runzee website will also be updated as more information becomes available.


(CZeeO Note: From 3pm MHQ time Monday, July 20th until 3pm MHQ time Tuesday, July 21st, prizes will be randomly awarded for captures (EXCLUDING socials) and deploys. We can’t thank the Munzee community enough for all of their support!)